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Lord, in Your Mercy, hear our Prayer

Petition to be inserted into the Prayer of the Church during the national election period:

Almighty God, guide our nation as we prepare to elect those who will serve in the parliament of our country, that we may be governed by faithful administration and wise laws. Lord, in your mercy,

- OR -

Almighty God, give us wisdom as we choose faithful persons to serve in the parliament of this land, that those who are elected may enact such laws as please you and govern according to your will. Lord, in your mercy,

- OR -

Almighty God, direct the minds of those who will elect members of parliament for our country and give to those who are elected wisdom and courage to follow the ways of your laws and the will of your commands. Lord, in your mercy,

- OR -

Almighty God, bless our nation as we enter in this election period. Give us faithful rulers who will protect the weak, defend our liberties, and walk according to your laws that we may live a quiet and peaceable life. Lord, in your mercy,

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