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Changes to Synod's Bylaws Adopted
by J.A. Sutherland

Saturday afternoon's business session saw the adoption of proposed changes to LCC's Synodical Bylaws. The final part of the changes begun on Friday with a modified constitution and Statutory Bylaws. Saturday's work addressed the functioning of the Synod as an "ecclesiastical bond" of the Canadian member churches.

Many of the modifications reflect the church's newly-recognized diaconate. Other noteworthy changes were flagged for delegates by Rev. Nolan Astley, chairman of the Commission on Constitutional Matters and Structure (CCMS). These included references to educational institutions 'established' rather than 'owned' by LCC (for legal liability reasons). Removed from the new document was the description of responsibilities of the former Board for Higher Education (now exercised largely by the new church Board of Directors). In another change, a new 'restricted' status for pastors and deacons was introduced. This covers instances where Christian ministry and conduct is in question, but where circumstances may not merit expulsion from Synod.

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