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President's Report

The prayer of the early church reflected in the theme verse provided the focus of President Ralph Mayan's report to convention. "We now face a society like that faced by first century Christians," explained President Mayan. Quoting President Emeritus Dr. Ed Lehman, he noted: "Our society is not on friendly terms with the Christian Church, but that is not a bad place to be." President Mayan indicated that, like the early Christians, we must not depend on our own power, but on the power of the Holy Spirit; not on our own numbers, but on the cross of Christ.

President Mayan challenged LCC to focus on being a strong biblical and confessional church, a strong missionary church and a strong caring church. He urged the church to reach out to the lost, to care for people and share the Gospel of Christ. He encouraged the church to pray continually for God to enable us to speak His Word with great boldness, trusting that God will answer the prayer of His people.

Rev. Dr. Mayan has served as LCC's president since 1996.

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