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LCC Approves Changes to Constitution
By Paul A. Walrath

During the second business session, Resolutions Committee 3 (Administration/Constitutional Matters), chaired by Rev. Al Maleske, presented constitution and bylaw changes proposed by the Commission on Constitutional Matters and Structure (CCMS). These affect how Lutheran Church–Canada will operate. The changes revamp the handbook by removing excess detail, adding clarity, ensuring consistency, and properly separating the church's ecclesiastical and corporate functions. The structural changes were mandated by the 1999 convention.

The changes will create a new section in the handbook called "Statutory Bylaws." These outline the corporate nature of the church body and define items such as membership, conventions, officers, committees, and the authority and structure of Board of Directors. As a result, the president of LCC will now serve as CEO in addition to his ecclesiastical duties. The number of mandated councils is reduced and elected program boards eliminated. Many of these functions will carried out by appointed committees.

After the floor committee presented the resolutions to amend the constitution, delegates were invited to discuss the details and propose amendments. Due to the length of the discussion, delegates approved a motion extending the time allotted for deliberations. This allowed the convention to vote on the resolutions before the evening session concluded. Most questions were dealt with by CCMS chairman Rev. Nolan Astley. Although several amendments were proposed, none were approved.

Acceptance of the new statutory bylaws and constitution substantially changes the election process which begins today.

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