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03.08.2010 Ukrainian introduces sushi and God’s Word
03.04.2010 First-hand report from Chile sparks request for donations
03.04.2010 Haitian schools now using French-language hymnal
03.02.2010 Strength when facing temptation
03.01.2010 LCC president calls for prayers after Chilean quake
02.28.2010 LCC president asks church for prayers after Chile earthquake
02.27.2010 Vancouver-area churches learn valuable Olympic outreach lessons
02.26.2010 The Word of the Lord grows in Cambodia
02.25.2010 CLWR appeal for Haiti surpasses $1 million
02.22.2010 Going It Alone: Reflections of a Roving Reporter
02.21.2010 One month after Haiti earthquake, Lutheran relief efforts are making a difference
02.19.2010 Olympic event at Bethlehem Lutheran draws award-winning singer
02.19.2010 Thailand Lutherans ready for new mission outreach
02.18.2010 Concordia facing tough times, focuses on responsible stewardship
02.18.2010 Thai children support Haiti earthquake relief
02.15.2010 Canadian father shares grief and hope with parents of Olympic Luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili
02.12.2010 Olympic welcome at Richmond B.C. Lutheran congregation
02.11.2010 Olympic Torch arrives at Trinity!
02.09.2010 Lutherans, Muslims, Jews discuss faith’s challenges
02.09.2010 Lutheran congregation sets sights on more than Olympic gold
02.07.2010 Haitians help Haitians thanks to Canadian aid
02.05.2010 Haiti relief donations to CLWR almost at $400,000
02.03.2010 Preparing 21ST Century pastors
02.01.2010 Ontario-based Lutheran agency increases relief to Haiti
01.27.2010 Planning workshop sets course for LCC benefit plans
01.27.2010 Olympic torch outreach in B.C.
01.26.2010 Haiti earthquake relief donation matching
01.26.2010 Mountain Congregations ... and Coffee Plantations
01.25.2010 Devotions, sermons now available for Winter Olympics
01.24.2010 Nicaraguan church convention welcomes LCC president
01.22.2010 CLWR funds Nicaraguan medical and dental clinic, scholarships
01.19.2010 Haiti relief efforts to take time
01.19.2010 Haiti Lutheran Mission Society joins earthquake-relief efforts
01.14.2010 Earthquake-relief donations now worth double
01.14.2010 Prayer for Haiti
01.13.2010 Donate to Haitian earthquake-relief effort “without delay”
01.13.2010 LCC responds to Haiti Earthquake
01.05.2010 New decade brings communication changes for Lutherans
01.05.2010 Concordia Chorus returns to Alberta legislature
01.04.2010 Invite seminary students to Take Wing
01.04.2010 Seminary offers live, online course on Christian ethics
01.04.2010 Christmas Eve webcast a first for Lutheran Church–Canada
12.28.2009 Lutheran pastor represents Christianity at memorial event
12.24.2009 Christmas Eve Webcast
12.24.2009 The world needs the Good News the Lord has entrusted to us
12.22.2009 New hymnal a Christmas gift for francophone Lutherans
12.18.2009 Report from Southeast Asia warms hearts in Winnipeg
12.17.2009 Trinity Richmond gearing up for Olympic outreach
12.16.2009 Seminary education still a “lively concern”
12.15.2009 Focus on education at December meetings
12.15.2009 Lutherans contribute to Brazilian society: seminary president
12.07.2009 Event sends Advent across the ocean
11.28.2009 Relief agency sees LCC work first hand
11.26.2009 Enrolment at CUCA “steady as we go”
11.15.2009 Synod Board of Directors holds fall meeting
11.15.2009 Directions can help guide LCC
11.15.2009 Synod funding declines
11.13.2009 Cheer the Olympic Torch, spread the Gospel
11.04.2009 New French-language hymnal creating buzz worldwide
11.02.2009 Canada’s Gospel music industry honours Lutherans
11.02.2009 Dorothea Korcok called home to her Lord …
11.02.2009 Prepare for Christmas with music
11.02.2009 Incorporate Luther’s Small Catechism into your daily lives
11.02.2009 Pray for persecuted Christians November 8
10.31.2009 An October 31 bang on the door started a reformation
10.30.2009 Guilt, justice and the power of forgiveness
10.21.2009 Sunday school conference webcast set for Saturday
10.09.2009 Who are you thanking at Thanksgiving?
10.07.2009 Mission medical and dental clinic update
10.07.2009 Outreach on the run
10.05.2009 New mission executive installed
10.05.2009 Micro-finance project supports church workers in Nicaragua
10.03.2009 CLWR appeals for Southeast Asia disaster assistance funds
10.02.2009 Webcast from Vancouver
10.02.2009 Benefits and pension plans continue recovery
09.29.2009 Moncton's Lutheran church opens school
09.24.2009 Veteran pastor shares experiences
09.18.2009 LCC pastor sets record for pulling heaviest aircraft
09.16.2009 Witness and serve at the Winter Olympics
09.11.2009 LCC Webcast Advisory: Concordia Lutheran Seminary
09.04.2009 International Lutherans issue statement on same-sex relationships and the Church
08.31.2009 Lutheranism in Canada
08.24.2009 Confessional Lutherans set to meet in Korea
08.21.2009 ELCA to allow ordination of those in same-sex relationships
08.17.2009 New East District president and board members installed
08.10.2009 BC congregation affected by forest fires
07.30.2009 Synod to welcome new mission executive
07.23.2009 Review of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
07.15.2009 A question of communion
07.08.2009 July conventions tackle issues and change
07.08.2009 More than a word of comfort
07.07.2009 Reflecting on the death of Michael Jackson
07.06.2009 LCC benefits plan board hears good news
06.26.2009 Directors elect new vice-president
06.26.2009 Task force recommends closer seminary ties
06.25.2009 New servants for God’s people in LCC
05.25.2009 ABC District Convention elections
05.20.2009 Seminary task force on track ; interim report in June
05.11.2009 Convention Trail: East District Report 1
05.11.2009 LCC East District Elects New President
05.08.2009 LCC 2009 Placement services
05.08.2009 Workshop introduces French hymnal
04.30.2009 Convention Trail: Central District (2)
04.28.2009 LCC Convention Trail: Central District
04.24.2009 High school independence takes next step
04.24.2009 Join the celebration, support future pastors
04.08.2009 Easter goes YouTube
04.03.2009 Church celebrates ordinations and consecrations
03.30.2009 Media seminar on line
03.25.2009 New church workers for Central America
03.23.2009 Board tackles current LCC issues
02.14.2009 What's happening in Costa Rica?
02.09.2009 Pray for Australia
01.20.2009 Seminary task force begins work
01.15.2009 Southeast Asian Lutheran church recognized
01.14.2009 On location in Nicaragua
01.12.2009 Haitian Lutherans express thanks
01.08.2009 Aid for Gaza needed
01.07.2009 Holiday school fire creates challenges
01.05.2009 Task force to focus on cost of seminary education
01.02.2009 Ukraine visit aims to build relationships
12.18.2008 Lutheran School featured in newspaper
12.13.2008 LCC supports Brazilian homeless
12.12.2008 Food rescue in Yellowknife
11.25.2008 Conference highlights life issues
11.25.2008 Synod weathering financial storm
11.10.2008 LCC executives meet with US partners
10.23.2008 Media ministry touching lives
10.20.2008 East District to elect new president in 2009
10.12.2008 Wiinnipeg Free Press story
10.10.2008 Installation videos on line
10.06.2008 Recovery slow after Hurricane Hanna
09.30.2008 Board of Directors begins new triennium
09.29.2008 International guests mark installation of Lutheran president
09.22.2008 Successful test run of LCC TV
09.22.2008 Lutherans welcome new president
09.21.2008 New partnership helps donors
09.19.2008 Relief finally reaching stricken areas in Haiti
09.19.2008 Online history course offered
09.16.2008 Hurricane devastates Lutheran ministry in Haiti
09.15.2008 International radio speaker visits Canada
09.10.2008 Seminary opening services focus on faithfulness
09.07.2008 Age-shift and numerical decline marks 2007 statistical reports
09.04.2008 Concordia University College honours former president
08.29.2008 Nicaraguan church workers continue facing crisis
08.29.2008 New president takes office
07.02.2008 Morgentaler statement from Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan
07.02.2008 Lutherans denounce Morgentaler recognition
06.19.2008 LCC president-elect names interim mission executive
06.17.2008 Lutherans elect new president
06.07.2008 First ballot elects new president
06.06.2008 LCC Convention: Election Results
04.28.2008 LCC Convention Trail
02.28.2008 Taking the convention home
02.28.2008 Convention theme set
02.28.2008 Convention essayist announced
01.12.2008 Canadians help launch new Nicaraguan church
10.15.2007 An October 31 bang on the door started a reformation
10.12.2007 LCC president will not accept nomination
09.28.2007 Busy weekend for churches
09.26.2007 It’s all about neighbours
09.18.2007 Say hello to your Lutheran neighbours
09.18.2007 Website connects problems with solutions
08.17.2007 CLWR assists in emergency efforts following severe earthquake in Peru
08.08.2007 CLWR supports crisis relief amidst monsoon rains in vast regions of Asia
07.08.2007 Hands-on faith
07.07.2007 Lutheran youth are taking it outside
07.06.2007 Lutheran youth event kicks off in Ottawa
07.05.2007 Speakers at Lutheran youth gathering hit the tough issues
07.03.2007 Lutheran youth heading to Ottawa
12.10.2006 Parliament decision on same-sex "folly" says church president
05.02.2006 Central district hears news of missions
04.26.2006 Central District in convention
04.24.2006 The ABC District convention wrapped up in Red Deer, Alberta
04.23.2006 Lutheran Church–Canada 2006 Candidate and Vicar Placements
04.22.2006 ABC business begins with election of president
04.21.2006 ABC District convention opens

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