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High school independence takes next step

Changes aimed at separating business administration fucntions

Friday, April 24, 2009

EDMONTON – Lutheran Church–Canada’s Board of Directors’ task force, Concordia University College (CUCA) and Concordia High School (CHS) met in March to continue planning the next stage in separating high school operations from those of the university college as well as working on plans to secure the high school’s financial future.

In recent years, what was once one institution has been restructured to meet changes in provincial funding requirements. Both educational institutions now face funding challenges due to declining enrollments. CUCA has already made difficult decisions and the high school is now in the process of doing the same.

“It’s a unique situation,” explained Board of Directors’ chairman, Randy Stefan. “Concordia College started with a high school program only, then developed a university program under one institution.” He said that as a result of that history, the two institutions became entwined at the financial level. “The new understanding separates the two institutions to the benefit of each. Lutherans can no longer think of Concordia as one institution.”

As of June 30, 2009 Concordia High School will no longer be administered through the university college’s business office. This requires CHS to establish its own financing. An updated business plan is being finalized for presentation to the task force in April. Any new financing arrangements would require approvals from the CHS Board of Governors, Synod’s Board of Directors and possibly the ABC District Board of Directors.

The high school faces a difficult challenge, not just in balancing the books, but also in providing enough class choices to attract sufficient students. It is also struggling to find local Lutherans to fill current and upcoming vacancies on the Board of Governors.

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