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Easter goes YouTube

Share the true message of Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God really took the cork off His good news at Easter

WINNIPEG – While national news reports announced that surveys by Canadian sociologist Reginald Bibby show more teens are atheists, one church figured the best place to tell the likely-unknown story of Easter was on line. In an unconventional setting, the cemetery of Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Cathedral, Rev. Robert Bugbee, president of Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC), explains how the first Easter began in a graveyard.

The MTV-style message is on YouTube. “The news of the first Easter was intended to go public,” explained Rev. Bugbee. “Putting the message on line takes it public again.” Everyone is encouraged to share this link with family and friends to share the true message of Easter.

The president’s engaging style breaks the stereotype of the bombastic or boring preacher. “God really took the cork off His good news at Easter,” he says as he walks down the path in front of the burned-out cathedral shell.

The video is part of an ongoing strategy to make stronger connections between the church and the online community. Bugbee noted that Martin Luther, who sparked the Protestant Reformation in 1517, “translated the Bible into a language people understood. That’s what we’re trying to do online.”

The LCC also operates where people are welcome to explore their beliefs and discover what the Christian faith is all about. An ad now running on Facebook invites people to “Discover faith, hope, love, the gifts of Easter.” Clicking on the ad opens an invitation to attend Good Friday and Easter services with links to LCC congregations across Canada.

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