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Board tackles current LCC issues

Budget tops the agenda

Monday, March 23, 2009

WINNIPEG – At its first meeting of 2009, LCC’s Board of Directors (BOD) finalized a $1.7 million national budget for the work done together by members of the Synod. This figure represents an increase of slightly more than three percent over the 2008 budget. The budget currently anticipates a deficit of approximately $53,000. The treasurer, Dwayne Cleave commented that by the end of the 2009-10 fiscal year the combination of unplanned revenue (usually bequests) and continued efforts to reduce administrative expenditures could possibly produce a balanced budget. “With such a dynamic economic environment, budgeting this year was more complicated,” Mr. Cleave explained. Our commitment to mission needs to continue even in difficult times and we have to trust that the Lord will provide the resources to do the work He calls us to do.”

Prior to the board meetings, the Committee for Mission and Social Ministry Services conducted its business with interim mission director, Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan joining from Nicaragua with both video and sound through Skype, an online communication service which works computer-to-computer with no cost. From the committee, the Board of Directors learned that the search for a new mission executive is in its second phase. The president has contacted all those whose names were brought forward asking them if they are willing to have their names stand for nomination.

In other business, the BOD discussed issues relating to Concordia High School and its relationship with Concordia University College, and ongoing discussions between the university college and LCC’s Worker Benefit Plans.

Board members also spent time looking at current issues within the Synod, including aging membership, engaging younger people and motivating the laity. Board chairman Randy Stefan added this discussion time on the agenda. “As a board we easily become focused on immediate needs and don’t take enough time looking at ‘big picture’ issues,” he noted.

The BOD meets three times each year. The June meeting is scheduled as a conference call.

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