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The ABC District convention wrapped up in Red Deer, Alberta

Monday, April 24, 2006

The day began with a service of remembrance led by Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman. Over the past three years nine ABC pastors were called to glory.

Following the service, the executive staff from LCC finished presenting the synodical report. At its conclusion President Mayan noted that in the next ten years almost 30 percent of the current pastors will be retired. While not sounding the alarm, he encouraged delegates to remain active in identifying potential church workers through synod’s RSVP program.


The recruitment theme was picked up when delegates adopted a resolution to encourage congregations to continue their recruiting activity.

Another resolution encouraged congregations to attend “daughter church planting” workshops. The resolution also encouraged congregations to begin a daughter preaching station, congregation or become a multi-site parish.

Lutheran Schools received encouragement to become involved in servant events and congregations were urged to support Lutherans for Life-Canada.

A resolution dealing with increased mission remittances to district which sparked earlier discussion came to the floor again. Following more discussion, the delegates adopted the resolution.

A growing number of immigrant-based congregations and the need for indigenous leadership led to the adoption of a resolution asking synod to institute the Pastors with Alternate Training program quickly. The program allows men to prepare for the pastoral ministry part-time so they can serve congregations with special needs and circumstances which preclude calling a pastoral candidate from the seminary. Similar needs by non-English speaking congregations were addressed by the passing of a resolution calling for multi-lingual online resources.

The convention concluded with the installation of the Board of Directors and secretary who will serve the district in the next triennium.


Board of Regents - Concordia University College of Alberta

Deacon – Cheryl Constable
Lay persons – Joel Haberstock, Al Gerdung

Committee for LCC Convention nominations

Clergy – Rev. Mark Lobitz
Lay – Walter Seehagel

Delegates also ratified the slate of candidates for circuit counsellors.

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