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Parliament decision on same-sex "folly" says church president

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Following the decision of parliament not to re-open debate on same-sex marriage, Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan, president of Lutheran Church–Canada expressed "extreme disappointment." He said that "parliament and those who no longer recognize the uniqueness of marriage have set a course that further undermines the family and changes the moral parameters for succeeding generations."

Lutheran Church–Canada has consistently supported the Biblical definition of marriage. In 2002 the church body passed a resolution at its national convention affirming that marriage is defined as an exclusive relationship between one man and one woman. "We, as a church, will continue to uphold the sanctity of marriage" the president said. "This is what we believe and this is what we will teach. And we will continue to pray that our government leaders will recognize the folly of this decision."

Lutheran Church–Canada signed the interfaith Declaration of Marriage in November and has maintained a page on its website providing information for members of its 329 congregations as they discuss the issue locally. The site address is

Founded in 1988, Lutheran Church–Canada has 76,000 members and 329 congregations from Halifax to Vancouver Island.

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