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LCC president asks church for prayers after Chile earthquake

Sunday, February 28, 2010

WINNIPEG - Sorrow and concern fill our hearts as we try to absorb the news that a major earthquake has struck in Chile.

Though reports indicate this land was somewhat better prepared for the tragedy than were our friends in Haiti, the pictures of shattered buildings and lives still touch us deeply.

I call on pastors and people of Lutheran Church-Canada to take this concern to the Lord in their prayers immediately. We have a small partner church in that part of the world, the “Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile,” working under the leadership of its president, Rev. Carlos Oscar Schumann.

In the next few days we hope to have word from these brothers and sisters, and hope also to offer guidance to you about how you may direct gifts of love to help them.

In the meantime, name these people and this land before God in your prayers, that the injured may be rescued, the grieving comforted, and those who give care strengthened for their work.

Robert Bugbee,
Lutheran Church-Canada

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