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Prayer for Haiti

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everyone in the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society is most grateful to LCC President Rev. Robert Bugbee for his fine statement urging prayers and support for all the nine-million people in Haiti affected by the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince and vicinity January 12. We are thankful that two members of our board, the brothers Walter and Howard Bogusat, who were in Port-au-Prince at the time, are safe, but their return is uncertain, and communication is nearly non-existent.

We have else only heard that several Lutheran churches and schools have been destroyed.

Please pray for our fellow Lutherans and all Haitians who are affected.

Dear heavenly Father, who cares for all Your children in need and can turn even the worst of evils into good, we pray for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti; that You, for the sake of Jesus our great Healer and Saviour will help those who are attempting to rescue trapped survivors and to bring aid to all sufferers; comfort the bereaved, heal the wounded; give shelter to the homeless and food to the hungry; support the efforts of the Lutheran Church of Haiti to minister to the afflicted, demonstrating Your love in deed and with Your saving Gospel; and assist our friends Walter and Howard Bogusat to return safely to Canada.
We thank and praise You for the loving care and the immediate financial response of members of the Lutheran Church-Canada to help alleviate the pain of those suffering in the midst of the disaster. Amen.

Rev. Dr. John Wilch, president,
Haiti Lutheran Mission Society

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