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New mission executive installed

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pastors from B.C.'s Lower Mainland participated in the Rite of Installation

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A bright sunny fall afternoon added to the festive atmosphere at Bethelehem Lutheran Church as LCC president, Rev. Robert Bugbee installed Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel as LCC’s new executive responsible for missions and social ministry. The Service of Installation was held Sunday, October 4.

With 125 people in the pews and another watching 25 online from as far away as Brazil, the service included robust singing, and a sermon from President Bugbee entitled “That’s the Spirit.”

Looking from the pulpit at Pastor Neitzel, the president said,” [God] has given you a good, big dose of that wonderful apostolic spirit. And on this installation day we are asking the Lord in advance: when you look at maps, and read reports, and write up proposals; when you sit through long meetings and draw up spending budgets; when you try to bring peace to people who aren’t getting along very well, whether on some faraway mission field or in some Canadian committee; when you do all these mundane-looking things, may God touch you time and again with this apostolic spirit! May He move you to do whatever you do because of this push deep inside to get Christ to people, and people to Christ.”

Joining President Bugbee for the Rite of Installation were 11 pastors from the Lower Mainland area, including Rev.Dr. Karl Keller, chairman of LCC’s Committee for Mission and Social Ministry Services who was also liturgist for the service.

Pastor Neitzel is LCC’s second mission executive since the founding of the church body in 1988. Lutheran Church–Canada undertakes and/or supports mission activity in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Thailand and Ukraine.

Pastor Neitzel and his wife Maria expect to arrive in Winnipeg in time for Thanksgiving.

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