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Ukraine Mission


Rev. Navrotsky works with a group of young people called the "Friends Club" and teaches them the Catechism and Bible studies even as he is gathering them into a community of faith. He has a number of very good Leaders who will be able to train for pastoral ministry at the next session of the seminary. He also works in two villages outside of the city of Dnepropetrovsk. He gathers students and teachers in the village of Zarya where he teaches them and leads them in many different activities. He is working with a group of new believers who desire to be a part of the Lutheran community springing up around the city.

He is also teaching a group of new believers south of the city of Dnepropetrovsk. He reports that he has had good reception and the people, especially the youth, are avid students. Everywhere he goes, he shares the Gospel with anyone who will listen. He is very popular.

Dmvtrov Vasilchenko and Rev. Navrotskv recently met to make plans on how they would coordinate their work. Both men will work together to make the Gospel available to non-believers throughout their areas of responsibility. Olessa, Dyma's wife had a serious illness last year and came very close to dying. However, God has been gracious to them and OIessa is gaining her health back. She is able to help Dyma with the work that they both end up doing. They are a wonderful team.

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