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Ukraine Mission

You are engaged in mission work in three general areas of Ukraine. The seminary is located in the Odessa oblast. This is also where the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine is headquartered. Volunteer ministries also work in this area as well as in the Dneproptrovsk region. As you may know, Rev. Roland Syens returned to Canada at the end of last year. Missionary work continues In Ukraine through the efforts of two men who have a connection with our church.

Rev. Aleksey Navrotsky graduated from the first seminary program our church offered in Ukraine. He served a parish near Odessa for a number of years. He was recommended by the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine and started his work as our missionary in August of last year. He and his wife and child reside in Dncpropetrovsk.

Mr. Dmytov Vasilchenko, known to many as Mitya, is serving the Gosbel among a select group of student, and members in the city of Lviv. Dmytrov was brought to faith by Rev. Keith Haberstock when he served as missionary in Lviv. He teaches Bible studies and he, his wife, Olessa and the rest of the group there visit Children hospitals and sanitariums in Lviv.

The work continues to expand in all three regions of the country.

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