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Thailand Mission

God Opens Doors

Cambodia is a country with a disastrous history. Under the rule of Pol Pot, the country was decimated by a systematic program of murder and civil dislocation. Teachers, doctors, administrators and almost everyone with an education were systematically murdered. The entire population of the capital city of Phnom Penh was taken out of the city and into the countryside to be put to work as farmers and labourers. One third of the population of the country was killed by this man. The country has made a slow return to a modest normality. Because of the need of the government to relate to western countries, the restrictions on civil freedoms were relaxed and foreigners were allowed to bring in the Gospel. As a result, the Christian faith s permitted and a new generation of believers is growing within this land. Most evangelists and pastors have had a minimal exposure to the doctrines of Scripture. Now they want to know and to grow.

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