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Thailand Mission

Mission in Khok Kloi

Missionary Suchat Chujit continues to reach out to the non-believing people in the Phang Nga province of Southern Thailand. He has been deeply involved with the program of building fishing boats for those local fishermen who have not received any relief aid from the government or other Non-Government Organizations (NGO's). He participate with the men who are building their own boats. He begins each day with a time of Bible study with the men. Throughout the day, he is there shoulder to shoulder with them providing guidance and encouragement as they toil. He also takes the many opportunities to share the Gospel with them as they discuss such things in casual conversation.

One day per week, he serves the local congregations as pastor and preacher. He shares this responsibility with Rev. Suchat Srikakahn from Takuapa. The result of his work is easy to see. He has had many baptisms and attendance at worship has increased dramatically. Usually 70 or more people gather to worship at church. Before the service, Rev. Chujit has a Bible study for all who attend especially the young people. After the service, the people have a time of fellowship before they have to return home.

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