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Nueva Vida Women's Artisanry Initiative

The Nueva Vida Women's Artisanry Initiative is based in Cartago, Costa Rica. Operating since 2011, the initiative gathers local community women in a holistic approach, through involvement in Bible study, prayer, worship, fellowship, and the production and distribution of handicrafts. The initiative helps women to improve and expand their working skills in order better help support their families.

Lutheran Church-Canada's deaconess Betty Retana of the Lutheran Church in Costa Rica leads the initiative's women in Bible studies, devotional life, and organizational programming. Participants decide together how to use their collective skills. Originally intended as a gathering point, now the women are establishing small-scale projects. Still, co-op members struggle day-to-day. Some of these women have had to scrape and scratch to survive. Now they are learning about the Christian faith and its daily impact on life, including practical work like the artisanry project.

In cooperation with Lutheran Church–Canada's Committee for Missions and Social Ministry Services, the initiative is now reaching out to Canada.

What is being made available?

Two hand-painted products are being offered: Christmas cards and Luther Rose ornaments. These can be ordered through the Committee on Missions and Social Ministry Services of Lutheran Church–Canada. For more information, contact:

Luther Rose ornaments:

Theselight-weight round wooden disks are painted in the vibrant colors of Luther's seal, a well-known, traditional symbol of the Evangelical Lutheran Faith. Approximately 7.5 cm or 3'' in diameter.

Christmas cards:

These hand-painted, original folk art designs are individually crafted by the members of the Womens' Artisanry Initiative. Approximately 10 x 15 cm or 4'' x 6''.

If you would like to know more about the formation of the Lutheran Church of Costa Rica, its mission, or Lutheran Church–Canada's supportive role, visit LCC's website. You can also phone LCC at 1-800-588-4226, or email missions:@:lutheranchurch.ca.

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