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Our Central American Missions

Serve as a Missionary in Nicaragua

Over the past 20-plus years, Lutheran Church–Canada has spread the Gospel in Ukraine, Southeast Asia and Central America. God has blessed this proclamation. By the Spirit's power, people responded and are now part of God's family.

This work continues today. Indigenous pastors, deaconesses and volunteers serve God.

This page outlines volunteer missionary opportunities. Currently, only opportunities in Nicaragua are listed. Our goal is to include opportunities available in all areas where Lutheran Church–Canada is involved in missionary work.

The Volunteer

The volunteer will be a mature and active member of a Lutheran Church–Canada congregation. He or she understands the Christian faith and is willing to witness to Christ through word and deed in a different culture. A witness to the faith at all times, the volunteer will represent himself or herself, the synod, and the local church and its congregation. Because character is vital to the church's mission, we need a reference from the applicant's pastor. The reference will testify to his or her suitability.

The volunteer will also have a willing and flexible attitude and be willing to live in and identify with different cultures. He or she should have a warm, positive personality and be willing and able to reach out in love. He or she must demonstrate good physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Basic Costs

The volunteer is obligated to cover the costs associated with his or her mission experience.

A $20 fee is assessed to each volunteer to cover the volunteer mission coordinator's costs. His duties include assisting the team, preparing for the visit, making arrangements for housing, food and transportation and welcoming and orienting the volunteer mission team upon their arrival.

Additional information can be obtained by requesting the document Manual for Volunteers from the synodical office in Winnipeg. Although prepared for individuals serving as long-term volunteers, the document may help short-term team member, too.

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