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Vehicle for LCC's Nicaragua Missions



From the beginning of LCC's mission in Nicaragua, a pickup truck has been a necessary tool for transporting people and goods related to mission work. Trips between Chinandega and Managua (135km) are frequent, and public transit is infrequent and time consuming. Having a truck has also been a great help in transporting short-term mission members to the communities where they're serving, as well as aiding the mission locally in numerous ways.

Hilux pickups in Nicaragua are affordable and very useful. The age and regular use of the current Hilux pickup is now presenting problems, making upkeep onerous. The mission hopes to trade in the truck for a newer one. The ILSN is looking for an opportunity to receive a donation from the United States to assist in the purchase of a micro-bus (30 passengers) to transport larger mission teams.


The old pickup may be received by a dealer for around USD $7,000 USD. A newer one in good condition may be found with price around $17,000 USD.


LCC's Committee on Missions and Social Ministry Services respectfully requests the support of approximately $17,000 for the exchange of its mission pickup truck at the mission centre in Chinandega, Nicaragua./p>


Project Coordinator
Rev. Mark L. Smith
LCC Missions and Social Ministry Services

Project Administrator
Roberto José Zepeda
LCC Mission Manager – Nicaragua

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