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Church Construction - Telica


Project Need

The mission in the community of Telica began in January 2010 through an outreach program initiated by Missionary Maximo Urroz. Now there are more than forty people who gather for Bible study and worship in the backyard of one of the families. This arrangement is already too small. With the support of Redeemer Lutheran (Waterloo, Ontario) property has been purchased for the construction of a church. Redeemer Lutheran, jointly with St. Paul Lutheran (Elmira, Ontario) are investing and sending teams to build a facility that can be used for worship and Christian Education.

This facility will be built in 4 phases. While a local builder will be hired, the visiting team will have the opportunity to work with members of the congregation in erecting this house of worship. Any financial support for this project is welcomed and appreciated with thanks.

Project Request and Cost

Phase One

Concrete floor, roof — $8,580

Phase Two

Windows, doors, tile floor and coating on the walls — $8,354

Phase Three

Electricity and glass shutters — $3,239

Phase Four

Painting, chairs, fans, roof sealing and other utensils for the Church — $6,600

Project Contact Person

Rev. Mark L. Smith, International Mission Executive,
Lutheran Church–Canada

Project Manager

Francisco Jose Peralta Mojica
Mision Cristiana en Nicaragua, LCC

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