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Church Construction - Israel


Project Need

Construction of the worship facility for Cristo Resucitado in Israel began in 2008. Phase one, which included the construction of the walls and roof, is complete. While the congregation uses the facility at the present stage for worship, it looks forward to the day when the worship facility will have windows, doors, washrooms and electricity.

Construction Phases and Costs

Phase 2 - Doors and Windows - COMPLETED
This phase does not need the assistance of a volunteer team. The cost and labour for installing the doors and windows is US $4,700.

Phase 3 - Floor and Wall Stucco - COMPLETED
A volunteer mission team would work to replace the church's concrete slab; finish the walls with stucco, paint etc. Assisted by a Nicaraguan contractor, the work outlined in this phase could be completed in one week. The cost of this phase US $8,600.

Additional phases including the addition of electricity and washrooms will be added once the above phases are completed.

Project Contact Person

Rev. Mark L. Smith
Lutheran Church–Canada

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