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Teaching Elementary Greek to Pastors in Nicaragua


Since 1997 Lutheran Church-Canada has organized mission work and theological education in Nicaragua. The Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua is the fruit of that work, and the Lord continues to bless His work in that country as well in offshoot ministry to Costa Rica and Honduras. There are 23 established Lutheran congregations, several mission stations, and around 13 ordained Lutheran pastors as well as 20 deaconesses. Currently there are 40 students attending seminary in Nicaragua: 15 as pastoral candidates and 25 as deaconesses candidates.

All church workers in Nicaragua are enrolled in LCC's ongoing Continuing Education program, which reinforces their academic and practical learning. They also take part in several seminars a year in specific areas of needs in family life, education, church, and mission.

This project has already recruited all instructors needed at this time and is not currently accepting further applications.

New Testament Greek Language Learning

Since their formation the pastors in Nicaragua have felt the need to study New Testament Greek, which would assist them tremendously in their theological continuing education, in exegesis, and in sermon preparation.

Course Outline & Teaching

The pastors have had some introduction to New Testament Greek and the Alphabet. They have expressed a strong desire to learn more in their continuing education program. They want to learn slowly and gradually in order to help them provide Bible studies and sermons to their congregations.

In dialogue with LCC's seminaries they are willing to assist in preparing a course outline for this program. Both seminaries offered suggestions on online courses as well as on Manuals and books. However, the level of English and courses offered online needs to be taken in consideration as teaching to Central America pastors. A poor or ineffective cross cultural experience and interaction between the instructor and students through such a special course may harm or kill their desire to learn Biblical original languages.


This project has already recruited all instructors needed at this time and is not currently accepting further applications.

Rev. Mark L. Smith

Roberto Jose Zepeda Berrios

Francisco peralta Mojica

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