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Church Construction - Granada - Phase 3, Phase 4

LCC is not accepting new applications for this project at this time.

Project Need

In 2008 work began on the construction of a worship facility for Jesucristo Rey de Reyes in Granada, Nicaragua. With the support of mission teams, the first and second phases of the building consisting of walls, a cement slab, roof, doors and windows were completed. While the congregation already uses the facility as is for worship, they look forward to the day when their church will have a washroom and electricity.

Construction Phases and Costs

Phase One - Basic Unit - Walls and roof - COMPLETED

Phase Two - Doors and Windows - COMPLETED

Phrase Three - Plumbing and Electricity
This two part phase includes outfitting one washroom as well as wiring the facility, installing lights and outlets, and connecting to the city power. Construction teams with expertise in plumbing and electrical work are essential to the completion of this phase. The approximate cost for this phase is $5,000 USD.

Phase Four - Flooring and Interior Painting
The final stage in construction is the addition of ceramic tile to the floor and painting the walls. Both of these tasks can be easily handled by a volunteer team. Instruction on the laying of the ceramic tile will be provided. Material costs can fluctuate, but an approximate cost for this phrase is $3,500 USD.

Project Contact Person

This project has been suspended. LCC is not accepting new applications for this project at this time.

Rev. Mark L. Smith
Lutheran Church–Canada

Project Manager

Francisco Jose Peralta Mojica
Mision Cristiana en Nicaragua, LCC

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