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Children's Education and Feeding Program in Central America

Jesus has sent His church to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. The Church’s mission focuses on the individual as a whole: body, soul, and spirit. As the Gospel is proclaimed so to must care and mercy mission follow suit and be kept in focus as well. In giving physical bread and providing humanitarian aid and care in general, the Church must also take into account the human being holistically, providing also the Bread and Water of Life—Jesus Christ, His salvation, and all the blessings He imparts for the now and for eternity. Children, the young, the aging, and the old, as well as people in special health and challenging life situations are to be included indiscriminately in the Church’s care.


As part of its mission work, LCC has provided for the peoples and communities in Central America for more than ten years with a variety of assistance, both material and spiritual. In Nicaragua alone there are currently 700 children enrolled in the Children Education program, through which they learn the Word of God and are fed with a meal or snack on a daily basis. There are around 40 deaconesses teaching Bible stories and feeding children regularly. This mercy ministry has helped people in their physical needs and opened doors for the proclamation of the Gospel to the children’s family members and communities at large. The Church cares for the people, and the people want to belong to caring Christian communities where they will also be nourished in God’s Word and the Holy Sacraments. Many children connected to the meal and education programs have joined local Lutheran congregations as members.

Cost Estimate

By donating only a dollar a day, you can help feed a child through LCC’s children feeding and education programs for an entire school year. Running a class of 30 children costs a total of approximately CAD $7,200.


LCC Missions and Social Ministry Services gratefully receives your generous donations for its feeding and education programs. You may donate online or send your donation to Lutheran Church–Canada, earmarked ‘Central America Children Christian Feeding and Education’.


Rev. Mark L. Smith
Lutheran Church–Canada

Funds contributed for LCC Missions and Social Ministry Services (MSMS) are confined to MSMS approved projects and programs. Each contribution given for a specific project or program is used for that project or program. If the need for that project or program has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the MSMS, the remaining contributions will be used where most needed for other MSMS projects.

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